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  • SQL database application with WebForms user interface
  • Local-based services add-on with MapPoint.NET
  • NET-COM interoperation classes for Microsoft Management Console
  • WebForms user interface, Web facade, and interoperation services for legacy configuration management system
  • Collection of graphical controls with design-time support for rapid development of high-responsive WinForms user interfaces
  • Pocket Outlook synchronization with Exchange via WebServices
  • Exchange 2003 add-on for sending mail/appointment alerts to mobile phones via SMS messages
  • Outlook add-in for configuration of Exchange alerts 
  • Diameter protocol simulators (Ro, Rf, Sh interfaces)
  • User profile/trigger point  editor (Cx interface)
  • Entity-Relationship model, database, web application, web services, office-add-in, and smart phone application for IMS configuration data management
  • KubiSolitaire is a variant of the popular Klondike Solitaire card game.
  • KubiTarock a card game for 4 players based on the well-known Austrian Tarock game "Königrufen". Online and offline playing is possible. Up to 3 players are simulated.